our process

Our vast networking abilities and knowledge of industry structures, as well as our unique ability to penetrate companies, enables us to directly contact, excite and extract the top performers!

At Talent Prospectors, we have a unique 10 step process that sets us apart from other recruiting firms. Many steps and techniques in our process were absent in your previous experiences with other firms. As a hiring manager, if you have attempted any part of this process without inside or outside help, you know how time consuming and costly it can be! LET US PROVE TO YOU HOW OUR UNIQUE 10 STEP RECRUITING AND PLACEMENT PROCESS GUARANTEES THE RESULTS THAT YOUR COMPANY NEEDS!


  1. Upon identifying a critical need within a company, we conduct an extensive inquiry with the hiring manager and ensure that we have complete knowledge and understanding of the company’s product and/or service, as well as a thorough understanding of the company’s infrastructure and the position’s vertical track.

  2. We immediately launch a full scale and in-depth search to identify the most successful and proven candidates for the desired position to be filled.

  3. We conduct comprehensive interviews with our recruiting prospects to discern their complete career history, successes and accomplishments. References are obtained to validate these track records.
  4. Credential validation is a critical step in the recruiting process. We never present you with a candidate who has not been thoroughly screened.

  5. We then orchestrate the much anticipated meeting with you and the desired recruit.

    ** This can be a tricky and complicated process for hiring managers; however, our creative and strategic process ensures that all logistics and “hurdles” are addressed by us in order to “make it happen.” **

  6. We facilitate positive, rewarding approaches to both the hiring manager and the desired recruit to ensure a committed acceptance to a client’s appealing job offer.

  7. “We know how to find the best talent AND how to excite them to WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT YOUR EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!"
  8. We provide guidance in an inevitable string of challenges that can accompany acquiring top talent and in making a career change.

  9. We have already positively and successfully addressed issues with the recruit relating to potential relocation, the potential of counter offers, and any other outside influences that can accompany a career change.

  10. We have extensive professional experience in addressing all of the challenges that can occur in acquiring top talent. Our process ensures that not only do we find you the very best talent, the entire experience—right through the offer and acceptance—is an exhilarating and exciting one, which consummates the beginning of a lucrative and rewarding career experience for company and candidate.

  11. We ensure the “Win-Win” situation for all.

  12. The entire process becomes efficient and seamless, making Talent Prospectors the clear choice to handle all your recruiting challenges now and in the future!

We look forward to the opportunity to show you how our process can solve your tough recruiting needs! Our process can provide your company with the top talent you need to gain AND sustain a winning edge in today's market. Give us a try and find out!